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A Coffee Shop with a Higher Purpose.

Welcome to Renew.


     We're Will and Kari Ritter and we would like to thank you for taking the time to learn more about us. Renew is the result of a vision to see our community transformed. We desire that this transformation is deep, wide, and lasting. We function out of the belief that true transformation, both in the community and within ourselves, can only be accomplished through the power of Jesus. Yes, that's right, we are Christians, and Renew is a conduit of the love of God.

     Renew is the gathering place for our community.  Renew is the place to belong, and a place to feel and understand that you are valuable in the eyes of God.  Whether young or old, male or female, poor and rich, white, Latin, black, or anything in between, you are loved, and you belong.  Renew is the place where broken things come together.

Are we a church?  The people who make up the Church @ Renew gather together to learn more about God, hear His voice, and to do what He says.  It's pretty simple.  We operate under the understanding that Christians have an obligation to love our community and every individual in it.  So with this in mind, we want to provide the things our community needs.  The church @ Renew is simply a group of people who care and are driven, like Renew, to a Higher Purpose. 

About Will and Kari

        Will and Kari Ritter met on their first day at Boise State University in the fall of 1999. While Kari grew up in a family of faith, Will was not a believer at the time. God began a great work in their lives and continues to display His faithfulness to the Ritter family each and every day.  They enjoy life in rural Idaho with their four children. They share a great love for Jesus, a passion for the Gospel, and a deep burden for the hurting and unreached people in the Magic Valley. It is because of this love for Jesus and the community that they are passionate about renewing life in Jerome & creating new ways to reach out to others.

About First Presbyterian Church-Jerome

   Will and Kari are not alone in planting RENEW.  FPCJ is the essencial partner and are excited to be a part of proclaiming the Gospel in Jerome.  FPCJ has been in existance for almost 100 years and is committed to becoming a "sending" church that plants new churches.  

To learn more about First Presbyterian Church- Jerome go to:


About ECO:

    The Covenant Order of Evangelical Presbyterians is committed to "building flourishing churches that make disciples of Jesus Christ."  

FPC - Jerome and RENEW are part of this movement and are proud to be partners in proclaiming the Gospel in a lost and dying world.  

For more information about ECO go to: 

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