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The Classic Chocolate Latte! Add a little extra flavor to make it right.



Enjoy it pure, or put your creativity to work with custom flavors!



The Creamer Opinion! Let us make your favorite drink with half & half!



It's in the foam! The classic hot Machiatto is made with twice the milk foam as a latte



This delight classic is for the coffee lovers. Milk foam & a double shot of Doom espresso. 



A straight up double shot espresso. Not for the rookie.



Cold Brew


The Classic Chocolate Latte! Add a little extra flavor to make it right.


The Classic Chocolate Latte! Add a little extra flavor to make it right.


Takes up to 5 minutes to craft this custom brew using a timed scale, 38 grams of coffee, and lots of patience


Drip Coffee

No Folgers here! We only use Doma's "Marco's" blend for our drip.



Masala Chai Tea

Spicy and strong? Masala has it all!


Oregon Chai Tea

Not as spicy but definitely sweet. 


Sweet Matcha Tea

Authentic Rishi Japanese Matcha green tea with Cane sugar.


Rishi Loose Leaf Tea

Individually Brewed to perfection with you choice of:

Tangerine Ginger, Turmeric Ginger, Peppermint, Hibiscus Berry, Chamomile, Early Gray, and English Breakfast



Hot Chocolate

This classic is made with our rich homemade chocolate


Italian Sodas

Mixed with your favorite flavor with club soda and half & half 


Red Bull Blast

An Italian soda but with a kick 


Blended Lemonade

A nice refreshment for a beautiful day. Pick your flavor and we will make it.



Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Coke,Diet Coke, Dr.Pepper, Diet Dr.Pepper, Mountain Dew, A&W, Sprite, Orange Fanta, and Grape Fanta


Energy Drinks

Red Bull and Monster



Sometimes describes as a Latte without the Coffee. Steamed Milk and your choice of flavor.


Specialty Drinks

Citrus Sunrise

Our most popular specialty drink has an amazing combination with orange essential oil, honey, cinnamon and a double shot of espresso 


The Hold Grail

A perfect blend of dark chocolate, white chocolate, caramel, frankincense and a double shot of espresso 


Peachy Keen 

Cobbler anyone? This surprisingly delightful blend of flavor and a double-shot of espresso will make you warm and fuzzy 


The White Tiger

GRRRR! Chocolate and more chocolate gives you the best of both worlds 


Pot of Gold 

Do you need the "Luck of the Irish"? Here at the end of the rainbow is classic combination of Irish cream and Caramel 


Tiger Stripes

It's good, that's why it's here. Orange, chocolate and a double shot espresso. Does this count as breakfast?


Fruity Pebbles

Your favorite kid cereal but with CAFFEINE! White chocolate with orange essential oil 


The Sparkler 

White chocolate turned into snow. BAM!


London Fog

WARNING: Drinking this tea will give you a horrible English accent! Perfectly brewed loose-leaf Earl Grey tea, steamed half & half, and a shot of sugary vanilla goodness 


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