With the only pool tables in Jerome that aren't in a bar, the pool tables at Renew get lots of use. Pool balls chip, cues break, and felt wears out.  We are able to replace our own felt which saves hundreds of dollars, but high quality felt is expensive.  We desire that Renew provides not only things are aren't available other places, but that those things are high quality and a pleasure to use.  Help keep the tables and equipment looking and working like new!

Billiard Supplies

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  • Quality balls and sticks run around $50, with quality felt costing around $400.  Feel free to adjust the quantity of your donation to match what you would like to help with!

  • By "purchasing" this item, you are making a donation to Renew that will be used for the item you selected.  No item will be delivered to you.  There is no sales tax, and your gift is tax-deductable.