A Coffee Shop with a Higher Purpose
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Renew's Purpose

Renew is the gathering place for our community.  Renew is the place to belong, and a place to feel and understand that you are valuable in the eyes of God. Whether young or old, male or female, poor and rich, white, Latin, black, or anything in between, you are loved, and you belong.  Renew is the place where broken things come together.

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Are We a Church?

 The people who make up the Church @ Renew gather together to learn more about God, hear His voice, and to do what He says.  It's pretty simple.  We operate under the understanding that Christians have an obligation to love our community and every individual in it.  So with this in mind, we want to provide the things our community needs.  The church @ Renew is simply a group of people who care and are driven, like Renew, to a Higher Purpose. 


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